So much so that we’ve dedicated over 13 years to sourcing Vinyl flooring solutions into Sub-Saharan Africa.. We believe flooring products should be three things: eye-catching, durable, and quality at an affordable price. Combine that with a unique flooring design and you have what makes us excited about each project we take on, whether that’s commercial or residential. Our distinguishing factor? We only specialize in Vinyl Flooring making us one of the market leaders in Vinyl Flooring..

Our passion for floors was established in 2009. In the commercial sector, we’re the flooring experts that architects, contractors and designers have come to know and trust, from planning large commercial spaces to designing your dream home, Wanabiwood offers you more than just a floor.
Planning that dream home and needing more than just a floor?
Ask for us by name from your chosen suppliers. With our head office in Johannesburg and warehouses in Cape Town, East London, and Durban we have South Africa covered, in addition to this, we have agents and distributors in most Sub-Saharan Countries and our footprint extends as far north as Ghana and outwards into the beautiful Island of Mauritius, so no matter where you reside, Wanabiwood has you covered.

You hear a lot about the term ‘environmentally-friendly’, but we’ve made it the cornerstone of our business. All products are created with 100% pure virgin vinyl properties. This means we are able to guarantee exactly what’s in our products, so no harmful substances are used in the manufacture of our products, this ensures that our products create no environmental impact through the life cycle of the flooring and at the end of their life, they can be recycled..

All flooring ranges are sourced for reputable, long-standing manufacturers across the world, from Asia to Europe and we ensure that they all pass the latest ISO and EN standards and that quality is continuous.This gives us 100% confidence in knowing that we are only supplying the best quality at an affordable price.

Our staff complement are passionate about flooring with over 300 years of combined experience in the flooring industry.