Luxury Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

Light Commercial & Residential Use

Versatile | Water Resistant | Soundproof

For best results, Echowood glue down vinyl planks should ideally be installed using  a Wanabiwood- approved adhesive, over a self- levelling screed substrate. The durability and water-resistance properties offered by Luxury vinyl planks make them the perfect choice for almost all residential and light commercial applications.

Our Product is 100% Virgin Material

Colour Selection

Please note that our product samples provide a more accurate colour than online photographs and printed collateral.

Flooring Composition & Colour

Echowood Luxury glue down planks offer an un-surpassed choice of natural wood effects and colours, all brought to life through the marvels of the print sheet. The clear wear-layer will ensure your new floor is protected from the rigours of daily living while ease of maintenance is ensured, thanks to the UV coating.

  • 10 years Residential Warranty
  • 10 years light Commercial Warranty
  • Luxury Glue Down – 3.32m2
  • 19 Planks per box

Do not install vinyl floors in areas exposed to direct sunlight, unless protected by sun control film, blinds etc.

Product Specifications & Technical Data

Technical Data

Material Rating Material Material
95% Ethyl Alcohol 0 Soy Bean Oil 0
Nitric Acid 70% 1 Hydrochloric Acid 0
Cement Paste 0 Lubricant 0
Sulphuric Acid 96% 1 Kerosene 0
10% Ammonium Hydroxide 0 Coffee 0
Methylene Chloride 2 Sesame Oil 0
Milk 0 Tea 0
Soy Sauce 0 Acetone 2
Acetic Acid 0 Ketchup 0
Nail Polish Remover 2


Width × Length Content per carton
mm PCS sqm (m2)
184mm × 950mm 19 3.32

Stain & Chemical Resistance (KSM 3802, 24hr exposure)

Type and composition PVC Laminated floor covering
Application Residential and light commercial
Surface treatment PU and anti-bacterial per design
Surface profile Medium embossed
Tile size 184mm × 950mm
Total thickness 3.0mm
Wear layer thickness 0.3mm
Classification 23/31
Fire rating EN 13501-1 | Bn-S1
ASTM E 648 | Class 1
ATSM E 84 | 75 or less
Mekel burner test | Pass
Heat stability 0.3mm I 0.01” (80°C + 2°C, 6hr/hr)
Abrasion resistance 0.1% Loss
Slip resistance Exceeds ADA requirement
Static coefficient of friction Dry: 0.72 (≥0.50) | Wet: 0.67(≥0.50)
Residual indentation ≥6
Colour fastness ≥6


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